Reflexology FAQ

How does it work?

With age, illness, injury or stress, our bodily organs and systems lose their natural balance and can become dysfunctional. Balance is restored and bodily function optimized when a skilled therapist applies pressure to a reflex in the feet and hands.

What can I expect?

The first session begins with a brief, confidential questionnaire and a discussion to address any individual questions, concerns, and treatment objectives. The treatment involves the gentle application of pressure to the appropriate reflex points.

Most clients experience this pressure and manipulation as pleasurable and calming. Some clients fall asleep during treatment, while others remain awake.

Treatment typically involves weekly one-hour sessions for three to five weeks, followed by periodic maintenance sessions.

Will it hurt?

Stress reduction, relaxation and improved circulation are benefits that result from the use of even gentle to moderate pressure.  It is not necessary to push deeply and cause pain to get profound results.  We do not beat to create happy feet.

Does a reflexologist have the ability to diagnose a specific illness through the feet?

There can be many causes for imbalance manifesting in the feet, so a reflexologist should never diagnose a specific condition, unless they are a licensed, medical doctor. If a non-medical reflexologist suspects a certain problem, he/she should always refer the client to a physician or appropriate health care professional.