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Reflexology, Reiki and Aromatherapy


  • Are you seeking to put another tool in the box of healthy living?  

  • Have you heard of Reflexology or Reiki and have always wanted to try it?  

  • Are you overall interested in finding the a blend of healthy modalities that are right for you?

Yeah!  Me too, that is where I started and now and I'm here to help!


My goal is to empower my clients to improve their health and well-being through Reflexology, Reiki, and/or Aromatherapy.

I see myself as a champion for you on the journey toward better health! We all have the power to heal ourselves, but sometimes, we do need support to help when we go through those challenging times.

We are also so busy making sure everyone around us is cared for that we often get a little tilted forget to take care of ourselves.  

I'm here to help put you back in balance and give you a few tips and tricks along the way! 



Since I have started my journey on alternative healing, I have found an amazing, open and welcoming community. I have been accepted for who I am and want to pass that on by helping others just where they are.  

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I offer Reflexology, Reiki and Aromatherapy.  Find out how each one can lead to a healthier, happier YOU


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