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Emotional Healing with Essential Oils by Leslie Moldenauer - Book Review

I recently received a copy of Emotional Healing with Essential Oils and I love this book so much, I wanted to tell you all about it!  I first met Leslie Modenauer in 2016 at a National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy conference in Salt Lake City.  Since then I have been following and appreciating all of the content and commitment that Leslie has contributed to the aromatherapy community.  I was so excited when I heard that she was putting together a new book.  Based on her previous releases, I knew that this one was going to be good and I was not wrong!  This book is great for people new to using oils for emotional healing, as well as those of us using them for years. The book is divided into 3 parts: Emotion Healing, Essential Oils for Emotional Work and Applications for Well-Being.

The first part, Emotional Healing, is a great introduction into ways to start to tap into our emotions with some tips and modalities to help support us on our journey.  She even includes a Feelings Chart that I, personally, really appreciated. (Especially having a young teen that is still sometimes trying to figure out and define her feelings.) She then wraps up the section with the role of essential oils in your emotional healing journey and how the book is going to help you use the oils.

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils

The second part, Essential Oils for Emotional Work, takes a few pages to address safety and methods of using EOs, then really gets into the heart of it – 50 essential oils that Leslie loves most to support emotional healing.  Each page is broken down to include the oil’s emotional uses, precautions, general uses, most common applications and healing medicinal properties!  Leslie is extremely dedicated to safety and has incorporated that into each oil listing.  I recommend that you take time to read this! What I love about this part of the book more so than many of the other aromatherapy books I have is the brief overview of the oil and “Applications”.  I can tell that Leslie hasn’t just taken the off-the-shelf applications here, but rather what has worked maybe for her personally or others she has worked with.  Yarrow is one of my constants and all-time favorite. Leslie states, “Emotionally, yarrow helps us handle anger that is connected to a life event or trauma.” It’s little tips like this that allow us to quickly remember Yarrow when working with someone who is dealing with anger associated with trauma.

The third part, Applications for Well-Being, is where the blending begins!  The blends are divided into sections such as Anxiety, Depression, Mood, and Stress.  There are even a few blends for self-care and chakra balancing! Each section has a variety of methods, for example an inhaler or a body oil.  Of course, in true Leslie fashion, at the end of most sections are blends just for kids!  One of my favorite blends is the “Gain Perspective” inhaler.  Yarrow, bergamot, lime and Helichrysum.  I did not want to stop inhaling this blend! At the end of this 3rd section, there are 2 amazing charts – Emotions Chart and Essential Oils.  I love so much about this book, but these 2 charts are my favorite parts of the book. The Emotions Chart is a list of emotions, the symptoms and descriptors associated with each emotion, as well as, a recommended blend.  This go to reference has everything is all in one place!  The Essential Oils chart lists each oil, what it is typically used to treat (when working with emotional healing) and the desired outcome.  A day of having the book and I already had my tabs and highlighters out!  

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils

 This book has quickly become one of my regular references not only me personally, but also a tool when working with my clients.  There is no book that deeply taps into the depths of emotional balancing using essential oils and I’m so thankful that this now exists. The book is written in a way that is so easy to follow and it as if Leslie was sitting right next to me explaining it all. I look forward to using Emotional Healing with Essential Oils for years and years to come.