My Favorite Essential Oil for Valentine’s Day


Everything is coming up Roses! Whether you’re in the mood for romance or are just practicing self-care this Valentine’s Day, this essential oil is my favorite for celebrating the holiday of LOVE!

Whenever I think of love or romance, my mind instantly wanders to ROSES. Of course, there are plenty of other amazing florals out there, but I just love the simplicity of rose (absolute) and its beautiful benefits. Rose helps to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. This versatile flower just can’t help itself to bring love to all aspects of your life.

If you’re mending your heart this Valentine’s Day, don’t give up on Rose just yet! Emotionally and energetically, it can soothe anger and help facilitate the action of release.  With its relaxing and uplifting qualities, this oil is truly magical - harmonizing yin and yang all in one little drop.

My In Love blend is made from essential oil of Rose absolute (rose damascene), Grapefruit (rose) (citrus paradisi), Clary Sage (salvia sclarea), and Sandalwood (santalum album).  Pair this blend with jojoba oil (in a 10 ml rollerball) and you are ready for a date with your sweetie.

Or put a few drops in your favorite diffuser, pour a glass of wine, grab your favorite book and you a ready for a few hours of self-love.   

If you are interested in trying In Love, email me!  Or, play with the oils yourself to build an aroma that will melt your heart: just remember to keep it to 12-15 drops to be safe.  Don’t forget to drop me a note with your blend so I can try it out! Happy Valentine’s day!

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